Waiting for Time

Screenplay By:
Paul Chronnell
The Bashford Twins

Ariyon Bakare
Jade Harrison

Waiting For Time recently began its festival run and has already won numerous awards and a nomination for best film at Gold standard International Film Festivals. 

“Memories inside a glass had always stuck with us, this vision about telling a man’s story, the heartbreak and dealing with mental health within the glasses in his basement was fascinating.  Men’s mental health is a subject that hasn’t been told enough. As directors, this gave us the opportunity to delve into Heath’s mind, showing a claustrophobic and vulnerable atmosphere he feels throughout the story. We wanted the audience to experience a nostalgic feel to the film with a mixture of vibrant colours,” The Bashford Twins.

Liam and Kyle Bashford,  are award-winning film and commercial Directors. They have earned multiple awards and nominations for their films including Best Director at the Young Independent Film and TV Awards and Best Short Film at the Oscar Qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival. Operating out of Pinewood Studios for eight years learning and working alongside Bafta-winning directors, they have collaborated with top industry Production Companies such as Entertainment One and have directed commercials for major brands British Airways and Nestle. Their films, Smile, Then & Now, 3 Million Dollar Milkshake and Colourblind garnered worldwide distribution and festival success collecting over 20 awards and 60 nominations.